The Jordan-Cubars wished to maintain a natural look for their home, one that would harmonize with the surroundings, and still allow some of the wood grain to show through. The Jordan-Cubars are the second owners of this home. To their knowledge, the siding had never been stained. The previous owner had hoped the Cedar would age to a silvery finish (like cedar sometimes does). However, instead of turning a delicate “silver” color, the Cedar darkened unevenly (very dark, almost black, in some places) having been stained by mildew.

Holland Painting has been privileged to work with the Jordan-Cubars several times in the past, both for interior and exterior painting.  In 2015 Holland Painting stained the exterior siding of their Cedar home using a Semi-Transparent Latex Stain.

Holland Painting began by treating the Cedar with a Mildewcide, and a wood brightener to clean and enhance the wood’s appearance prior to staining.  We then stained the siding with two coats of a tinted transparent stain to the customer’s specifications. The second coat added uniformity, depth, and durability. All Door and Window Trim was painted with 2 coats using a premium Exterior Acrylic Paint.