The Kelly

In 2015 Holland Painting, re-stained the exterior of the Kelly Home.

Holland Painting pressure-washed the house prior to staining all of the Cedar Siding.  This first step ensures that we don’t trap any dirt or dust behind the “new stain”, which may affect it’s adhesion and longevity, as well as possibly affecting the final appearance. Pressure cleaning the home also gives us a chance to remove any mildew growth that may be present, and to discourage future blooms.

We then re-painted the entire exterior (all Cedar Siding and Trim) with a Premium Latex Solid Stain.  This is the recommended product for Cedar, as it has great color-retention and does not peel. It also shows-off the natural texture of the Cedar (a very desirable look for any home).

The Pillars and white trim underneath the porch area were carefully painted using a 100% Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint for durability and aesthetic.