Hatch -Bayroc Sunroom

The Bayroc House is a timeless classic on the Hatch Estate, and is remarkably well-maintained in original condition (the house is over 100 years old). Holland Painting worked on this Historic Painting Restoration  and Wallpapering in early 2015.

The original wallpaper (which was painted over many years ago), was starting to lose adhesion and fall off the walls. The owner requested that we remove the old wallpaper, repair the walls, and re-hang with wallpaper identical to the original unpainted wallpaper.
Holland Painting’s Historic Restoration:
There were several stages involved in restoring this Bayroc sunroom, including: removing wallpaper, removing residual wallpaper paste, fixing cracks, smoothing walls of any imperfections, sealing walls against glue residue, and priming the walls to receive wallpaper.

We removed the hardware from all the windows and removed the paint to reveal the original aged brass. Every window was also removed, and was re-glazed as needed, and re-painted. The windows were also carefully checked and corrected so that they open and close easily ( as many were stuck, or no longer opened). Both entrance doors were also re-finished.

The radiators, still being used to heat the house, were also looked at.
We removed any loose or flaking paint from the radiators down to metal to ensure a sound substrate, and then re-painted them using a high-heat paint.

We were able to find a textile wallpaper that was nearly identical to the original wallpaper. The replacement wallpaper was in itself a work of art: The textile paper is handmade, and only in select batches. (Holland Painting worked with a wallpaper specialist to complete installation).

To complete restoration of the sunroom, Holland Painting suggested another specialist be brought in to seal the terra-cotta floor tiles, to preserve them and to enhance their appearance.